About Beat IC

As two women who have both lost babies due to incompetent cervix (IC), also called cervical insufficiency (CI), we decided to band together to create a nonprofit organization to help other women save their babies’ lives.

When we were told we had this terrible condition during our second trimesters, we were utterly devastated and too overwhelmed to be fully informed. In meeting each other after-the-fact in an online support group, we decided to create a nonprofit organization — beginning with a website where women can get all of the information they need quickly in a time of crisis.

But the website is only the first step. Beyond the website itself, the nonprofit organization will:

  • Provide comprehensive education to patients and doctors about all IC/CI treatment options and even innovations, supported by research

  • Promote awareness of IC/CI in the media

  • Advocate for IC/CI early diagnosis research funding

  • Help push forward legislation requiring doctors to provide patients with all options available to them and letting them decide on the course of action, rather than defaulting to a “wait and see” approach

  • Work with colleges and universities to develop “pregnancy advocacy” curriculums

  • Match women who’ve recently been diagnosed with IC/CI with women who’ve had successful post-IC/CI diagnosis pregnancies

  • Collaborate with pregnancy loss organizations to provide women much needed support in the event that a loss occurs

  • And more